About H.E. Smith Company, Inc.

H.E. Smith Company, Inc. (H.E. Smith) is a family owned business specializing in the distribution of premium eastern white pine shavings and other animal bedding products. We source high quality animal bedding products from a diverse network of suppliers in the United States and Canada to provide one stop shopping. If you are a farm supply store looking for a reliable source of animal bedding for retail sales, or a high volume end-user such as an equestrian center, dairy operation or showpig breeder, we welcome this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you.

H.E. Smith’s success is rooted in the business relationships built with our suppliers and our customers.  Our business relationships with the lumber mills that produce the shavings and other premium bedding products that we provide have been forged over many years, and in some cases decades.  H.E. Smith is a steadfast wholesale partner, promoting our supplier’s bedding products and brands in the marketplace.  Because we have stood the test of time with these suppliers, our customers benefit from the breadth and depth of this supplier network.  As a result, we are able to provide a reliable source of shavings, at reasonable prices throughout the year.

We deal primarily with kiln-dried eastern white pine shavings, providing a variety of shavings ranging from fine to coarse, or “fluffy.”  In addition, we have other bedding products, including pelleted bedding and spruce/pine/fir shavings.