Frequently Asked Questions

Eastern white pine (EWP) is tall pine species native to the northeastern United States and eastern Canada valued as a lumber species because it is soft and easy to work with. As an animal bedding, Eastern white pine shavings derived from lumber manufacturing have been kiln-dried to remove moisture and impurities.  This premium bedding material is clean, soft, and extremely absorbent.  In addition, because it is white in color it won’t stain animals like some other tree species.  Finally, EWP shavings are characterized by a fresh pine scent that can help neutralize the odor of animal waste.  For all these reasons, Eastern white pine shavings are a premium animal bedding product. 

Our business model has always been to partner with our suppliers including but not limited to Hancock Lumber, Irving Forest Products, Robbins Lumber, and Durgin & Crowell Lumber Co. to promote their products in the marketplace.  This supplier/distributor partnership has allowed our suppliers to concentrate on making great products and HE Smith can focus on distributing great animal bedding products as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.  An added benefit to the consumer is that since we don’t have a private label, the customer doesn’t have to guess which production facility their shavings bag came from. 

Because our shavings are produced at a network of different mills, the shavings structure and composition vary from producer to producer, depending on the equipment used at each mill.  Although some shavings have more “fines” than others, we would not classify these shavings as dusty and neither would our customers that prefer these denser grade shavings. We would be happy to help identify the product that best meets your expectations.

We have the ability to source shavings delivered in bulk, but only in select areas close to the production facility. 

The most common sized bale of shavings is 3.25 cubic feet compressed, which expands to approximately 7.5-8 cubic feet.  The average horse stall will require approximately 4 bales to cover it with a 3-4 inch deep layer of shavings.

A fully loaded 53-foot long trailer will hold about 990 shavings packaged on pallets.  A “floor stacked” trailer can hold approximately 1,200 bales of shavings.

Since are products are typically shipped direct from the point of production, we price our products shipped by the full trailer load.  In certain circumstances, we can make arrangements to deliver to a second location in relatively close proximity to the delivery point for a nominal fee.

The price of our shavings is dependent on a variety of factors, including: bag size, market demand, and freight cost.  Visit our “request a quote” page and fill out the information requested and we will promptly respond to your inquiry.

We deliver throughout the United States.  Our export business is growing and we can provide competitive rates to deliver our products to international destinations in Europe, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and other regions.

HE Smith Truck with wood shavings