Our Products

Our shavings are produced from renewable sustainably managed northern forests and are made when kiln dried rough lumber is planed to make boards.  Kiln-drying neutralizes any pre-existing biological agents and reduces the moisture content resulting in a highly absorbent product.  As a result, they last longer in the stall or barn before becoming saturated providing a healthier environment for animals and decreased barn labor compared to less absorbent products.

Because our shavings are produced at a network of different mills, we can provide a variety of shavings types to suit the preferences of different customers.  Some of our customers prefer a dense grade shavings product while others prefer a fluffier, lighter product.  We sell our shavings by the trailer load in paper or plastic bales ranging from 3.0-3.4 cubic feet (compressed).  In addition, we can source bulk shavings and other bedding material in select markets.

White Pine Shavingss